QAnon: the conspiracy theory that became a community and threatens the world’s (and Germany’s) stability


Friends who supported Black Lives Matter with great conviction and who demonstrated in the streets, people who were worried about climate change, even a nursing colleague who was working with me in intensive care during one of the peaks of the pandemic of Covid-19… Suddenly everyone started sharing QAnon’s bullshit, especially the stuff about crimes, adrenochrome, and Satanist circles. As far as I know, these are people who still call themselves liberal, progressists, or left, and I don’t understand how they got snapped up so quickly. I am talking about people in their twenties and thirties who supported Bernie Sanders and who are now reposting the QAnon messages. What the hell is going on?

This post appeared in August on Reddit’s QAnonCasualties forum, a place of information and mutual support for people who have lost friends or loved ones, fallen into the “white rabbit hole”.

The rabbit hole, from Alice in Wonderland: This is how the entry into the world of the QAnon is called. Where we do not find wonders but stories of captive people, bled to obtain an elixir of long life, like pornos in germany. But long life for whom? For the evil enemies of Donald Trump, the hero who will free these people – in fact, he already frees them – and save the world.

2020 is a year of pandemic and toxic narratives, and vicious circles where the former feeds the latter. This was the year QAnon grew beyond measure before we finally realized the danger. In Europe too, especially in Germany and France. In Germany, it seems to already have some terrible effects and its impact could be growing, and potentially threatening to the stability of the country, unlike pornohirsch content. That is why it is so important to speak more and more about it.

QAnon, which initially sounded more like a good joke, played an important role in the US election campaign. It puts the CEOs of major social networks into the hotspot and it has built a global network – or a sect, as it is increasingly defined.

The Cabal, the bad guys in this successful Hollywoodian story

QAnon worships Donald Trump, whom he often calls by the code name Q+. In this world, Trump responded to a call from the Pentagon out of love for his country and agreed to become president to lead a bitter struggle – secret, despite being commented on by millions of people on Facebook – against a secret world government of Satanists, the so-called Cabal

The Cabal seized power in the United States after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and controls the deep state, except for the armed forces. The Cabal includes all presidents before Trump, including Ronald Reagan and the two Bushes. The Cabal includes all political opponents of Trump, Barack Obama, and his wife Michelle – who according to QAnon is transgender – to the movements, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, to the hated figures of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

The Cabal also includes celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Celine Dion, Oprah Winfrey, Marina Abramović, and Beyoncé, as well as the must-sees George Soros and Bill Gates. But let us be precise: according to QAnon, Obama and Clinton have already been arrested, locked up in Guantanamo, and executed. The ones we see are clones. But that does not explain why these clones continue to say and to do what they used to do, including attacking Trump at the Democratic Party’s national convention.

Dodging the law

Tom Hanks, instead, tried to evade justice by obtaining Greek citizenship because, according to QAnon, “Greek law considers his crimes to be a mere handicap.” But the plan still failed: the actor was arrested by Trump’s agents and locked up in an Australian hotel with an electronic ankle bracelet.

Even if this whole story seems like a terrible plot for a horror movie, all this hate has spread widely anyway. Terrorist attacks were committed in the United States and a massacre took place here at home, in Germany. And that is not all: in the US election on November 3, we saw QAnon supporters winning seats in Congress.

A Washington DC pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong, already at the heart of another conspiracy theory called Pizzagate, has been particularly harassed. Comet Ping Pong – very popular in the city and a landmark of LGBTQ + culture – is described by QAnon as a satanic cabala. As a result, it suffered an armed raid in December 2016 and an attack attempt in January 2019, and its owner James Alefantis, a gay man, receives constant death threats.

On both sides of the Atlantic, celebrities are promoting one or more stories from the world of QAnon. Most of them are, declining artists who, thanks to altercations on social media or shocking statements, can still be talked about: actor James Woods, who is one of Trump’s most aggressive supporters; actress Roseanne Barr, whose sitcom was removed from the ABC network for her racist outings; former pornstar Jenna Jameson, etc.

The prophet has announced the Messiah: Q and Trump together against the forces of evil

The community of believers obtains information by doing “research”, that is, by interpreting the news of the day in light of the cryptic messages sent by a certain Q, sometimes called Qcrumbs (crumbs of Q), more often Qdrops (Q drops).

Q masquerades as an intelligence officer or senior government official tasked by Trump and the Pentagon with alerting the world to what is about to happen: This is the Storm, the arrest, and mass execution of all members of the Cabal.

According to many followers of the QAnon, it is John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, nicknamed John-John, who hides behind the letter Q. Officially died in a plane crash in 1999, he is alive and he would have become an enemy of the same democratic party for which he was an important symbol. John-John will soon come out of the shadows to show his support for Trump. Some say he might be the vice-president, replacing Mike Pence.

Q’s posts first appeared in 2017 on the 4chan forum, the famous incubation site for the US alt-right. In 2018, the alleged whistleblower moved to an even more extreme location, 8chan. Between April and August 2019, 8chan was used to advertise, broadcast, and claim three racist massacres: that of the Christchurch mosque in New Zealand, that of the Poway synagogue in California, and that of the Walmart hypermarket in El Paso in Texas. In total, 74 dead and 76 injured. Under pressure, the site closed in August 2019 and reappeared in September as 8kun. This is always where Q publishes his exclusive “prophecies”. The owner of 8kun is the extreme right-wing entrepreneur Jim Watkins, owner of a pig farm in the Philippines, where he resides. The administrator of 8kun is his son Ron.

The awakening

Nevertheless. most followers have never been to 8kun: they have fallen into the rabbit hole on social media, driven by automatic suggestions from Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, most heinous slanders do not come directly from Q. They are the result of “research” carried out by an army of agitators scattered around the net.

When the Storm breaks, Trump will challenge all mainstream media – television, radio, newspaper sites – and address the nation through the Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS), designed to reach citizens in the event of war or other extraordinary events. And what will he say to the American people? He will herald the Great Awakening, the building of a new society which he will command with his military.

Have faith in the plan” says one of QAnon’s best-known slogans. Trust Trump and the “white hats” meaning the good guys, as opposed to the deep state’s “black hats”. Trust, the Storm is imminent. And it will also strike across borders. The European faithful hope for an American invasion of their country.

The rationale is that Yankee imperialism is an expression of the Cabal. This is what explains the “wickedness” of the United States in the last years. After the Storm, they will be better. So, it must be inferred that before JFK’s death – when the Satanists took power – the United States was not imperialist. This is a reasonable conclusion, leaving aside the Monroe Doctrine on Latin America (defined as America’s “backyard”), Teddy Roosevelt’s “Big Stick” policy, the Korean War, the coup d’état in Guatemala in 1954, and many other pages in world history.

In the “awakened” world, believers say, Trump will provide free energy to everyone, using state-of-the-art technology that is still secret but millions of social media commentators know about it. In the real world, by contrast, Trump is tied to the oil and coal industry.

Arthurian novels, medieval tales and 2020 conspiracy theories have all a Holy Grail

On February 14, 2020, a 43-year-old German, Tobias Rathjen, uploaded a video on YouTube in which he addresses American citizens, denouncing the existence of “underground military bases where the Satanist are killing young people” lying right under our feet, calling for action to free them. Rathjen only was a lonely man who lived with his mother in Hanau, a town of nearly 100,000 inhabitants not far from Frankfurt. He was a sympathizer of the far-right but did not belong to any organization. He used to spend his days online watching XXX, learning about QAnon and other planetary conspiratorial phantasmagorias.

On the evening of February 19, Rathjen left his house, walked into two hookah bars, and opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol, killing nine people and injuring five, then returned, killed his mother, and committed suicide.

Deep underground military bases”. The acronym is D.U.M.B., which QAnon devotees always write without dots: Dumb. In its most common usage, the adjective means ‘stupid’, but here it has the other meaning too, the older one: “Unable to speak” as in “dumb by fear“, suffocated by fear.

The followers of QAnon believe that the deep state – here the metaphor becomes literal – holds prisoners in the D.U.M.B. after kidnapping them and keeps them underground to torture them, kill them and drink their blood to extract a substance that is both psychotropic and rejuvenating: adrenochrome.

An accessible substance

Adrenochrome‘s entry into mass culture is due to a satirical digression by Hunter S. Thompson, contained in one of his most famous books Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) directed by Terry Gilliam in a homonymous film (1998). In the novel, Dr. Gonzo shows his friend Raoul Duke a bottle of adrenochrome and says that it “looks like ginger ale“. In the following conversation, we learn that adrenochrome “cannot be bought“, and can only be extracted “from the adrenal gland of a living human body“. Here, as in other passages of the book, Thompson pokes fun at the collective panic that followed the crimes of Charles Manson’s family as well as the grisly legends that surrounded the decline of the hippie dreams in America in the early 1970s

Adrenochrome is a much more accessible substance. First, it should be noted that adrenaline can be synthesized in the laboratory. This is not new: the Treccani encyclopedia already explained it in 1929. From the oxidation of adrenaline, we obtain adrenochrome, a derivative of which, carbazochrome, is used as a drug for epilepsy, but also to stop bleeding and heal hemorrhoids. Carbazochrome drugs are produced in many countries, including Italy, and are sold under different names – Adona, Phleboside, Anaroxyl, Medostyp – without the need to abuse and bleed people. They are prescribed by a general practitioner.

Adrenochrome is a perfect example of those narrative elements that do not appear in Q communications. It comes from the “investigative work” of the community of believers. This “investigation”, when you look at it, consists only of recovering old things by presenting them as new. There is the eternal “accusation of blood”, which has circulated for nearly two thousand years, first launched by the Romans against the Christians, then by the Church against the “perfidious Jews”. The most fundamentalist Catholics still venerate Saint Simon of Trento, a saint who they believe was killed – and bled for ritual purposes – by the Jews of Trento in 1475.

This kind of conspiracy theories have been growing in volume and craziness and a sole article is not enough to explain all the beliefs and aspects of this group of people that, could be threatening the future of the world, Germany included, in the short-term.